Hi, my name is Annie Horn and I am an abstract painter based in Alameda, California. I am originally from a rural area of Eastern Washington known for its rolling hills and wheat fields. As far back as I can remember I have been drawn to color and art. My mom claims I uttered my first word “pink” when seeing a sunset. My childhood was isolated but it cultivated in me a rich inner life and imagination. I spent most of my time drawing, painting and exploring nature. I moved to California at 8 years old and I eventually attended Sonoma State University and received a BFA in Studio Art - Painting. I have exhibited around Northern California and have paintings in the collections of Google and YouTube.


In my artwork I use fluid paints and mixed media to create colorful abstract works on paper and canvas. I employ washes of color and mark making to create expressive compositions inspired by the energy, elements and cycles of nature.

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